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Do you experience difficulties managing your relationships? Do others tell you that you're too sensitive? Do you try to avoid conflict but end up in conflicts anyways? Do you find it difficult to say what's on your mind or to communicate in disagreements with others? Do you find yourself getting easily angered by others? Do you feel dependent on others? If you said yes to these questions than you may be experiencing difficulties managing your interpersonal relationships.

Why do I experience problems with my relationships?

You may not understand why you have so much difficulty managing your relationships with others but you are not alone. Research shows that about 10% of the population experience interpersonal problems. These problems often develop in childhood and become most evident around adolescence. Your ability to manage relationships can also evolve over time and with age. 


At times, relationships can get better as you get older and gain more experience but the reverse is also true. You may find that you're always fighting with close family members or friends. Or on the other hand, you may isolate yourself from others to try to avoid conflict. Perhaps you're very nervous about entering into new relationships, not wanting to be disappointed again. Some other consequences may be that you experience overwhelming sadness or fear when your spouse leaves for business travel. Or you may have trouble saying "no" to your boss or of stating a difference of opinion with a friend. 


Treatment for Interpersonal Problems

Although living with these difficulties are exhausting and many times it can feel hopeless, treatment is available. The primary and most effective treatment for these concerns is generally psychotherapy. While several different approaches target the symptoms, therapy focuses on validating your suffering while working with you to develop alternative coping strategies. If you feel you might benefit from psychotherapy, do not hesitate to contact me. 

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