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Traning & Qualifications

Lesley Singer, M.Sc., PT

Lesley Singer, M.A., PT is a licensed physiotherapist with the Ordre professionnel de la physiothérapie du Québec. She holds a Master’s degree in Physiotherapy from McGill University (2010). She is a specialist in the treatment of chronic pain and provides in-home treatment services and co-facilitates chronic pain management group sessions. She is also an online educator at McGill University for the Chronic Pain Management Certificate.


Outside of holding a professional interest in chronic pain, Lesley holds a personal interest as she is also a patient who has been coping with chronic neuropathic pain for the past 17 years. Lesley utilises her personal experience in order to be a patient advocate, involved in multiple research projects aimed at ensuring the rights of patients. Merging her personal and professional interests allows Lesley to have a unique perspective that enables her to mobilise individuals who suffer from chronic pain. Lesley is passionate about helping people with chronic pain empower themselves to live life to the fullest, while respecting their limits.  Along with Dr. Joelle Jobin she leads the Chronic Pain Management Group, which helps people with chronic pain learn coping strategies to improve their quality of life. She also provides in-home treatment services for those for whom travel is difficult.   

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