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Is pain interfering with your life? Do you find it difficult to manage your day-to-day activities because of pain? Is medication not helping you get back to your life? Do you feel that family members or friends don’t understand what you’re going through? Despite your best efforts, do you feel like you’ll never be ‘YOU’ again?


If you’re answering yes to these questions you may want to consider signing up for the Chronic Pain Management Group.

Treatment Approach

The Chronic Pain Management Group is designed to help you learn strategies to cope with chronic pain. Sessions focus on helping you learn the motivational, cognitive and physical strategies to facilitate your daily functioning, reduce anxiety and fear, improve your mood and increase your overall quality of life. Group sessions have a unique impact, helping to reduce feelings of isolation as you connect with others who face similar challenges.


Group sessions are led by an interdisciplinary team of two professionals, physiotherapist Lesley Singer, M.Sc., PT and psychologist, Dr. Joelle Jobin, Ph.D. who both specialize in the treatment of chronic pain. Groups are held over a period of 8 weeks with a maximum of 8 participants. Each group session consists of 1.5 hour meetings focusing on a specific topic.


If you would like to learn more about joining an upcoming chronic pain management group please call (514) 548-3550 or email:

***Please note that sessions are not open to SAAQ or CSST patients***

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