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Our Team

Dr. Joelle Jobin, Ph.D.

I am a licensed clinical psychologist with the member of the Order of Psychologists of Quebec (OPQ). I obtained my Ph.D. in clinical psychology from Concordia University in 2017.

I've had the opportunity to work with a variety of populations but have specialized in treating adults suffering from depression, chronic paininterpersonal problems and burnout. I've also worked within Applied Psychology Center at Concordia University and McGill Mental Health Services which focused on a young adult student population. 


Mijon Lemesurier
Therapist, Masters in Counselling Psychology Student

Mijon is in the final stages of completing her Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology. She has extensive experience treating Indigenous Youth who often suffer from trauma, depression, anxiety or require academic and vocational guidance. She is a caring, empathetic, and intuitive individual who takes a humanistic, person centered approach to therapy. She is well versed in cognitive behavioural therapy. She has a special interest in helping individuals work through anxiety, dealing with life transitions, and overcoming depression.

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